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Hand Turned and Machined Newel Posts and Caps

A Selection of my Newel Caps

Shown here is just a small selection of newel caps. I can match an existing design or produce a unique design from your ideas. My standard newel caps are 94mm in diameter.

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Ball Newel Cap Tear Drop Newel Cap
Oak £14 | Mahogany £9.50 Oak £24 | Mahogany £17 Oak £14 | Mahogany £9.50 Oak £14 | Mahogany £9.50 Oak £14 | Mahogany £9.50
Oak £14 | Mahogany £9.50 Oak £24 | Mahogany £17 Oak £14 | Mahogany £9.50 Oak £14 | Mahogany £9.50 Oak £40 | Mahogany £35

Ordering your Newel Caps

Order your newel caps and posts today

How to Order your Newel Caps

We are able to supply everything from an individual custom newel cap to an order of 1000s!

Simply give us a call (Leasve a message if necessary) and we'll give you a quotation for the work you require. Remember that no job is too big or to small for us, and that we take pride in resourcing your requirement and delivering the very best manufactured newel posts and newel caps in the UK.

Custom Newel Caps

At Barley Wood I can make any newel cap for you off your own design. This is because I am a highly experienced wood turner and I am able to use the range of lathes and wood turning machines in my workshop to create whatever distinctive newel cap design you want for your newel posts.

Commercial Newel Cap Production

If you are a commercial customer I am able to produce newel posts and caps by machine to your specification and to the number of items required. My turnaround is very quick and I pride myself on the service I will provide for you. For prices and more information please contact me today on 01424 752000 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

What are Newel Caps?

Newel caps add the finishing touch to a newel post. A newel post is the upright post that supports the staircase bannister. If you have a straight flight of stairs then the newel post and its cap will be the solid upright post at the end of the flight. Newel posts, though, are used at every level of a set of stairs if the stairs move up over several floors or landings.

Essentially a newel post is structural, but being placed at the corner or end of the bannister rail, it followed that they very quickly became an item to decorate. In fact, the picture on the right shows one of the oldest staircases in the UK. The newel post is very sturdy, but to reflect the status and the wealth of this family, the newel has been capped with a wafered rectangular cap, topped and decorated with an incredibly well carved lion carrying a coat of arms on top of the cap!

At Barley Wood I manufacture newel posts and caps by machine and by hand. So, if you would like a newel cap that is as ornate as the combination of cap and lion pictured on the right, I can make it for you!

Newel Post and Newel Cap

Please call 01424 752000 for a quote or click here to contact us.